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Orientation & Information

The Central Agency is an authority that is directly subordinate to the Federal Environment Ministry that has been created to ensure full compliance with legal regulations.

  • The Agency manages and inspects all the quantity reports submitted from product coordinators and dual systems, with the objective of ensuring transparency and legal clarity.
  • The Agency also monitors ecological targets (such as the fulfilment of recycling quotas and the financial support of ecologically advantageous packaging)
  • and lays down guidelines for persons authorised to make inspections (experts, auditors, etc.).

L‑SHOP‑TEAM GmbH is registered for the ‘Dual System‘ through Zentek GmbH & Co. KG, Cologne under the contract number: DSZ2.0-0000922. This registration applies to paper, cardboard & cartons as well as plastics used in packaging applicable to L‑SHOP‑TEAM GmbH within the meaning of the law. L‑SHOP‑TEAM GmbH is also registered for this in LUCID under the number DE1041082352374.