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The brand new L-Shop Textile Designer

Starting on January 28, 2020 the new Textile Designer, a module for your Partner Shop, is available. Your clients can use the Textile Designer to create individual textiles without needing a professional grafics software. Thanks to the provided print file, you can easily print or stich whatever your client imagines. Order the module Textile Designer Read more about The brand new L-Shop Textile Designer[…]

Geoblocking regulation – what you should know as an onlineshop owner

Since december the 3rd the new geoblocking regulation is in tact. This regulation should prevent unjustified geoblocking or discrimination on the basis of the place of residence, the nationality or the place of establishment. We give you an overview about what you should consider in online business. What is geoblocking? An example for geoblocking is Read more about Geoblocking regulation – what you should know as an onlineshop owner[…]

Extension of the orderXML

If an order from your customer has been finalized you get an e-mail with an attached xml-file. You can use these files e.g. to import incoming orders into your own erp system (merchandise management). We provide you with an extension for this file with our newest update. The following adjustments were made: <Artikelnummer>1000027039</Artikelnummer> <Katalognummer><![CDATA[BCTU004]]></Katalognummer> <Artikelbezeichnung><![CDATA[T-Shirt Read more about Extension of the orderXML[…]


DeepDive: Onpage Optimization

If you are the proud owner of a partner shop or online catalogue from L-SHOP-TEAM, you naturally want many people to visit your website. The first visitors are usually friends or acquaintances who leave the first footprint. But how does online marketing work and what settings can i as a Partnershop-Operator manipulate so that i Read more about DeepDive: Onpage Optimization[…]

How to create a new article

Did you often think about how to create your own products in your partner shop? We are hoping to help you out with this little tutorial. So let us start right away. Please login to the backend and navigate towards the following menu item: “Administer products” “Products”. Now follow the instructions for the creation. Please Read more about How to create a new article[…]


Since the 25.05.2018 the GDPR became legal. For this we let our system get checked thoroughly and changed a few things to meet the new legal conditions. For instance we added additional Opt-In checkboxes for the registration and contact form. We put in some default texts that you can change easily with the creation of Read more about GDPR[…]

global article information

Dear partnershop users, We received your feedback and implemented a new feature for the partnershops. Surely you all know the sentence “Please choose a color.” from our webshop. Now you have the possibility to create such a global information for your partnershop articles yourself. The implementation can be made in a few easy steps. Firstly Read more about global article information[…]

SSL Certificate

First the definition: SSL stands for “Secure-Sockets-Layer”. This certificate allows the encrypted data communication (e.g. the contact data of your customers) between the web browser and the server. Since our latest update we provide you this certificate without any costs on your side. If you change your domain we will provide you a new SSL Read more about SSL Certificate[…]